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Family Guy rocks.


Does anyone have a problem with rented DVDs locking up on their DVD players? I just have this suspicion that there's some asshole out there renting all the box sets from Video Difference and scratching the hell out of them. They always freeze up at some point.

It's weird being home alone all weekend. Oh well, at least I get to sing silly songs very loudly.

What the hell. Courtesy of Smappy's LJ
Seems true, except for the testiomonials part.

You are Sanguine - The ancient Greeks
believed this was caused by having too much
Strengths: You are enthusiastic, talkative, expressive,
and friendly.
Weaknesses: You can be undisciplined, distractable, and
have a tendency to exaggerate.
At your best: You are an energetic spokesperson.
At your worst: You can be an egotistical entertainer.
You measure your own value by: Applause
For personal growth, you should focus
For others to relate well to you, they
should be:
Others should support your: Ideas
If someone wants you to make a decision,
they should give:

What Ancient Greek Personality Type Are You?
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Do Canadians need a passport to drive into the U.S., or is it still just for flying and boating?

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My thinkpad has finally kicked the bucket, thanks to my roomie spilling a glass of water on the keyboard. No, I'm not angry, it had shown some signs of senility so I had prepared by bringing a couple of the other computers up to date so they could run my work apps. It was backed up on a regular basis so no important files were lost.

Still, it's sad. I had that hunk of junk for 6 years and it worked fine up until this year. Better track record than the iBook, which has been sitting in a repair shop for almost a month because Apple Canada treats its 3rd party reseller/repair shops like shit. They told me who to call and what to say, and oh my god, it worked, the part will be there on Monday and I can pick it up later that day. Fucking Apple Canada.

That was disjointed.

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So it's as we sort of expected. The plural effusion (fluid) has built up to about half way in the left lung, so they want to put a chest tube in to drain the fluid and look at 3rd line chemo after that.

The good news is she's relatively asymptomatic, has energy and there's no indication the cancer has spread anywhere else. Too bad that vaccine with the good success rate is still at least a year away. Hopefully she can make it that long.

Following the crowd....

I am the Charmer

Charm is seduction without sex. Charmers are consummate manipulators, masking their cleverness by creating a mood of pleasure and comfort. Their method is simple; they deflect attention from themselves and focus it on their target. They understand your spirit, feel your pain, adapt to your moods. In the presence of a Charmer you feel better about yourself. Learn to cast the Charmer's spell by aiming at people's primary weaknesses: vanity and self-esteem.

Symbol: The Mirror. Your spirit holds a mirror up to others. When they see you they see themselves: their values, their tastes, even their flaws. Their lifelong love affair with their own image is comfortable and hypnotic; so feed it. No one ever sees what is behind the mirror.

What Type of Seducer are You?
created by polite_society

I promise to never do this again. I lie a lot.
If I was a David Bowie film character, I would be:

Thanks Mandie. I think.

First Juan, now this shit. Oh well. At least the power didn't go out this time. [knock on wood]


(this page may go down during the next few days since I'm switching out parts and shit)

Mildly amused.

What Flavour Are You? I taste like Smoke.I taste like Smoke.

I'm an unusual taste; I can be strong and potent, or I can be a mere hint, almost not there. I can blow away on the wind, or I can stick to your clothes that you left out when your neighbour was having a bonfire. I'm mean that way. What Flavour Are You?

Thanks for pointing out the quiz, beebs.

What Video Game Character Are You? I am an Asteroid.I am an Asteroid.

I am a drifter. I go where life leads, which makes me usually a very calm and content sort of person. That or thoroughly apathetic. Usually I keep on doing whatever I'm doing, and it takes something special to make me change my mind. What Video Game Character Are You?


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